oh hey, it’s Katie.

It’s been an eventful summer in Charleston…  Liz got a bike, Ami went to Italy, our intern departed and we hired our first-ever paid employee… Things are getting pretty serious over here.

Said employee is the gal who has been recently gracing this here blog with her writing and photo edits. We thought it might be helpful for you readers to get a peak at who’s behind the computer screen. So here’s our little Q & A with Katie Boyts.


The Basics: Who? What? Where? When?
Who: Katie. No, not Katherine.
What: I write – The Shoofly Project food blog and now for the lovely mac & murphy. And I cook – as a pastry chef at Two Boroughs Larder. My best what is almost always with food.
Where: Just moved from Portland, Oregon with a brief stint in Santa Fe, New Mexico in between here and there.
When: The morning… I love my bike ride in the morning, watching the city wake up. Feeling a part of that awakening.

Travel Question: What was your favorite vacation?
Ooh tough call… It’s a toss up between Kansas and Cambodia.
Last summer I spent a week in the tiny Kansas town where my family is from. The aim of the week was all food… I cooked and baked with my both my grandmothers and then recorded interviews with them about their food stories. Those recordings are very dear to me now, and I gleaned infinite amounts of wisdom that week – on both cooking and life – how to pick up the pieces when life hits you hard and how to properly peel a peach.

And then there was that trip to Cambodia and Thailand a few years ago. The whole thing was magnificent. Cambodia was especially complex – its history is so young, dark and fascinating, contrasted by their stunning food, people, and landscape. Ever had Fish Amok? If not, change that immediately. One of the best meals I’ve ever had was on that trip – out of a paper dish from a cart in Chiang Mai. Still makes me salivate.

Resume-building Question: If you were an animal in the jungle, what would you want to be and why?
An Okapi. It’s like a cross between zebra and giraffe, aka the intersection of awesome. An okapi has these spectacular legs and a tongue so long it can wash its own eyelids. Except they’re apparently very solitary animals and I just can’t get enough of my people – particularly my niece and nephew who are right now probably quite disappointed that I didn’t say puma. They love a good puma.

Sorority question: What flavor cookie would mac be? What flavor would Murphy be?
mac – a homemade Vanilla Wafer – drenched in vanilla pudding and adorned with caramelized bananas. – Comfortable, classy, yet not pretentious.
murphy – Lemon Nutmeg Sugar – Bright, Fresh, and Playful.

Never Ever Question: Never would you ever…
Show up late for work. ;)

Man Question: Men in your top 5
1. James McAvoy. – Even though I’m pretty sure he’s short. I’d tower over him like an okapi.
2. Ryan Gosling. Except in Drive. He lost me in the head-stomping. Though he recovers in the scene where he’s walking down a dark hallway in a leather jacket to 80’s music. Even better would have been Ryan Gosling playing that synthesizer in the leather.
3. Ben Kingsley – I know. It’s weird… Get over it.
4. John Duckworth – Yep. I said it. I think it’s healthy to have at least one local artist crush. When I was in Portland I’d get heady over my favorite barista…He would make flowers in my lattes. I would swoon.
5. Joaquin Phoenix. But before he got all bat shit.

Food Question: What’s your go-to dessert recipe?
These Chocolate Chip Cookies. Happiness seems to follow them. Make them or just pick up a few at the Larder where they’re my mainstay on the menu. .

Charleston Question: What’s your favorite thing about the city so far?
There’s so much to love – some of my favorite people are on this peninsula – namely my older sister Sarah. The food is beautiful and I’m lucky enough to be whisking and kneading next to some amazing creative forces at The Larder. The creative community here really does seem to be thriving, particularly among young women, and everyone is so enthusiastic and supportive about the woman’s work next to her own. It’s beautiful to see.

mac and murphy Questions: Why mac and murphy? What’s your favorite thing in the store right now?

Well there’s the sheer beauty of the shop, the electric senses of humor radiating from Liz and Ami, and also the fact that I’ve always been a letter writer so their mission of encouraging personal and intimate correspondence fits like a glove. I heart a good pen pal.

Favorite thing in the store right now… It’s a tie between the Q&A a day journal from Potter Style and the Five Year Memory book from Chronicle Books. They remind me of my great grandmother Keturah’s diaries that she kept for 40 years. Everyone has a writer in them… Whether it’s a simple “Thank You” or an essay on the meaning of life. mac and murphy recognizes that beautiful potential.



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